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Dynatrace + Snyk

Unify security insights across pre-deployment and runtime environments to mitigate application security risks.

The DevSecOps Lifecycle
Coverage app with Snyk

Connect Dynatrace and Snyk to enable DevSecOps teams to collaborate, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities, and establish data-driven governance.

Improve application security posture

The DevSecOps Lifecycle Coverage app integrates the results of Snyk container scans into Dynatrace Application Security.

With these insights, security teams can easily identify workloads with vulnerabilities and leverage log audit and forensics to see if any vulnerabilities were exploited.

Strengthen DevSecOps governance

With Snyk container scanning insights included in Dynatrace, DevOps teams can quickly identify running containers that were not scanned and fix security control gaps in CI/CD pipelines.

They can also use these insights to implement security gates in release processes to prevent code and/or container runtimes with vulnerabilities from being deployed.

Fix vulnerabilities that really matter

The DevSecOps Lifecycle Coverage app includes Snyk container scan information in Dynatrace Application Security.

Combining these insights with Dynatrace observability context allows security teams to easily identify workloads with potential vulnerabilities. Additionally, CISOs can strategically prioritize investments to improve adoption and effectiveness of DevSecOps programs.

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